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Ditch the Doubt in Dating.

Successfully use online dating to find your perfect guy! 🕺🏻

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Finally Find Your Guy Online
(even if you think you can’t )

  • You can meet the love of your life online pretty quickly EVEN if you have been online dating for years ( Estrella was online dating for 14 years and now in an amazing relationship with the 1st guy she met once she learned how to pick a different type )

  • You can meet a guy that wants an long term committed relationship and not a hook up pretty quickly ( Sarah’s boyfriend was the 4th guy she met online because she knew exactly what she was looking for)

  • You can meet a guy that pays attention to you consistently even if you have had been ghosted before ( Lee’s boyfriend was the 3rd guy she met online and they regular date nights because she learned how to pick the right kinda guy)

  • You can meet a guy online that has can meet ALL your needs even if you have been doing all the work in the relationship before ( Melinda’s boyfriend is the 3rd guy she met online on her third round of online dating. He takes charge and asked her to be his girlfriend and he meets her where she is emotionally, spiritually and physically.)

Chica, I hear ya 🙋🏻. It is rough out there on the dating apps if you do not know what you are doing.

And a lot can change when you have an ONLINE PROFILE that is dialed in to attract the love of your life. 🕺🏻 Book a FREE Online Profile Strategy Session with me so you can be on your way to your new love story this year!




October 2017

Before coaching with Andi I was fearful of making the wrong decision. I was so fearful that I have not been in a relationship in 3 years. Working with her has quickly given me more inner confidence from her positive perspective that results in attracting quality men effortlessly. Andi has your back!

Mary Lynn

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I have always believed there are many ways to the find the solution to a problem. There are several options for you to work with me so you can find yourself with fantastic dates, attract your soulmate and fall madly in love. 

Andi is a certified Jungian Spiritual Psychology Life Coach and specializes in helping women find their soulmate.

This is not a place to meet your soulmate, rather a place to talk, learn and discuss how to get the really great juicy relationship you have always wanted.

Put yourself in the position to choose your Mr. Right that is attracted to the unique and wonderful you based on your perfect
online profile