Andi Forness

Red Flags, Mr Unavailable, D*&# Pics, and Guys I Was Not Attracted To…

Online dating used to FREAK ME OUT,  I was really SCARED  because I had dated so many Mr. Unavailables and Red Flags that I was really scared to pick the wrong guy AGAIN!

From  d*&* pics, hook ups, and guys I was not attracted to … WAS I GOING TO BE ABLE TO FIND A GUY WHO WANTED A RELATIONSHIP that I also liked a lot and as into?

I would spend a lot of time and effort scrolling through profiles, messaging, meeting people for coffee/ happy hour dates to be almost always disappointed in the results of my efforts.

More often than not there was NO CHEMISTRY.

More often than not IF there was chemistry, they just wanted a HOOK UP.

And I kept being like, “It’s the beginning of my dating experience. I know it’s going to be hard. I just gotta keep trying. It’s just gonna be hard. It is a numbers game”

So I kept trying.. Time. Money. Effort. Just like WAITING for something to work.

I started every day thinking, “Maybe today!” And ending every day being like, “Well, It is not going to work out. There are not guys out there for me that want a relationship. And I would quit. Only to start again 3 months later.

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