Andi Forness

Half-roller derby star and half-veteran yoga teacher, living in Austin, Texas, Andi Forness shares her unique experiences coming into online dating, single at 41 with 2 young sons after being in a committed relationship for over 20 years. She admits that she had never really dated before she got married and entered the modern dating scene with the skills of a teenager.

The lessons she has learned along the way have enabled her to finally create an fulfilling and fun relationship with a smart, generous, ambitious, spiritual, financially abundant and sexy guy instead of the needy, hot mess red flags that she dated for 6 years post-divorce because she didn’t really know what she was doing.

Andi helps women who are brand new to online dating space who are scared to death to put themselves out there. She starts her clients with the foundation pieces of picking the right dating app, creating an online profile that expresses who they truly are, choosing the right photos to make sure they stand out to attract the right guy, sending and responding to messages so clients don’t get ghosted, preparing for the first date and well as teaching women how to create chemistry with the great guys and how to avoid the red flags.

As a business owner and mother, Andi understands the importance of creating a sustainable love/work/mom life balance and how to make it all work so that her children see her model how to have a healthy, fun and supportive relationship.

She challenges the popular idea that online dating sucks and there are no great guys that want relationships. Says Andi" The people that are not successful just don’t understand the online world or have some romantic relationship skills that need evolving".

Sought out because of her knack to see the big picture, her no BS approach and her expertise in breaking down her client's struggles into positive, empowering and actionable steps is what sets her apart from the others as well as her 5 years of being a successful online business owner. Andi knows how to work the online space and how to get results.

Her clients create a mutually supportive, playful and soulful relationship within 5 guys they meet online when they apply her techniques. Andi thrives in transforming the fears and struggles of her clients into opportunities and successes where women feel empowered and quickly find a supportive and fun relationship.

Her ideas and expertise have been published in MindBodyGreen, Greatist, Austin Woman Magazine, Thrive Global and quoted in Forbes, Bravo TV, Men's Health, Women’s Health as well as many podcasts including Sweet Life Entrepreneur and Warrior Women With A Purpose.


  • Founder of a Rec Rollerderby league in Austin, Texas that has now gone international 🌎

  • I spell so poorly ⬇️ that autocorrect 🙏🏽cannot help ever

  • My boobs 🥥🥥 look fake but I really just invest in $$ bras!

  • I love animals 🐾 a little more than my kids...😬

  • The only one in Los Angeles with pilgrim dress for their 8th grade graduation 🤦🏻‍♀️

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