#1 Reason Why Guys Disappear

Do guys get all into you and end up disappearing and you can’t figure it out? 

One of the things that was happening to me that I found out after the fact, is that they guys I was involved in, didn’t know I was interested in them. 

You see I used to really like men's attention and came off really strong and needy which got me bad results. So I had to go a total 180 and put on my cool girl/I don’t need your face.

The COOL GIRL PERSONA was not giving off any vibes. ZERO ZILCH NADA.

I needed to have shown some interest and given them a sign instead of acting all aloof and distant. 

That dynamic kept me in an endless circle of self-doubt and self-sabotage and single a lot longer than it should have. 

Each time a guy would disappear, I would make up a story that there was something wrong with me. I was too fat, too skinny, too smart, not smart enough, too tall, too short, too too too too….

When really...

Guys disappear if they think you are not into them

If you think this is MAYBE what is going on with you then, throw the guy a bone and don’t be afraid to be direct if you want to go out with him or go out again.  

It is only weird and awkward if you make it that way! 

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