Key Behaviors of a Dating HOBBIST

Are you surprised at how long you have been SINGLE? 

I used to get all choked up when I would be in a group of couples and someone would say “I just don’t get why you are still SINGLE?” you are such a catch. 

It sounds like such a compliment. However, for a high achieving women it made me feel like such a failure. 

Yes. no lie. And it sucks.

What is wrong with me that I am still SINGLE was all that went through my head. 

I would try to use positive thinking and say stuff like:

Oh, it’s a matter of time... 
People in relationships aren’t always happy.
I really NEED to focus on my growing business.
I really want to wait until my kids are older.
The Universe is going to line it all up when it is the perfect timing. 

All of that is true and all RATIONALIZATIONS to make me feel better about my situation.

I finally had enough rationalizing and watching the years go without a solid focus. 

I realized I was dating as a HOBBY and not as a JOB. 

(and it actually how I used to run my business) 

I have identified some KEY behaviors of a dating hobbyist, and I will share one with you now.

No Structure To The Dating Process:  These hobbyist all are over the place. Swiping willy-nilly whenever they without any particular focus. They take a cursory look at the guy, ascertain potential physical chemistry, read a few lines in a profile and swipe. They text back and forth, then they let it die out only to move on to the next guy or guys. And they really don’t care. NEXT is their motto. 

If that is you and you are wanting to meet a guy to share your life, the above-mentioned procedure will take 10 times as long.

What can you do to ADD some STRUCTURE to your online dating life?

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