! Matthew Hussey And Me: Do You Agree When Matt Says This?

Hey lady o,

Do you follow Matthew Hussey? I do! I think he is great, and I don’t always agree with his advice.

“People get burnt out in dating when they give away their time too easily. Save your energy for the people that give you butterflies.”  - Matthew Hussey

I agree and disagree with him on this.  It depends on what kind of “butterflies”.

I have had PLENTY of butterflies with red flags, liars, alcoholics, bullshitters, and man babies.

I used to have tons of butterflies with the unavailable guys.

Instant butterflies are a huge red flag for me, and I mistook them for love.

The butterflies I hope Matt is talking about are the ones I look for now. The guy that consistently shows up. The guy that is eager to get to know the real me. The guy that will put in time and effort for a real relationship.

The butterflies that start with a curiosity and evolves into a slow burn then a constant flame coming from down deep in my soul.

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