My EXACT WORDS to an Unavailable Guy And This Changed My Love Story

Is your new love story taking WAY longer than it should? 

If so, perhaps you are giving your time to people now worthy of it. Not because they are bad guys, rather they are just not available. 

Read my letter to a guy I REALLY liked and decided he wasn’t for me: 

Dear XYZ, 

I am sorry about your car problems and your funk and that you had to cancel plans twice this weekend. I saw in your text that you are worried that "you messed something up" between us.

As for us, it didn't mess anything up because we are friends. 

Friends are understanding of each other and hope that our friend's bad luck/chaos comes to an end.

That being said, time is precious. I only have so much free time/energy to spend with people, and I have to choose it wisely. 

Recently, I cleaned out a section of my closet to remind myself that I am serious about finding a partner/future husband. The only men I am spending time with are people that are in a place to fill that position. 

I will be honest and direct. You are one of my favorite people in the world (I mean this), and you aren't available, XYZ.

You aren’t ready for a relationship at the level I am wanting. 

You have too much chaos right now. I find myself texting you several times a week "that I am sorry about something" that is going on with you and your life. 

All that chaos makes you unavailable physically and emotionally and starts to drag on my energy and momentum. As selfish as it sounds, I have to protect my energy right now. I need it to create the goals I have for myself and my life.

I hope we can continue on as friends/colleagues. I feel a monthly coffee/beer would be fun to connect and catch up/talk about business/families vs daily texting and checking in. 

Sending you much love and good vibes to you today and every day! 


Now, I feel 100 percent lighter after I sent that letter and became REALLY excited about the man that is going to hang some of his clothes in my closet! 

Take a look at your love life and make some calls, send some texts and say goodbye to the unavailable guy.

When you do, you open up the door to the guy that is waiting for you to stop jacking around! 


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