Before working with Andi in the Stalling to Falling Program, I  was in limbo and had been online dating for two years.

I was attracted to guys that were not ready for the kind of relationship that I was desired deep in my heart. Before working with Andi, I would find myself on a lot of first and second dates. Or I with guys that would ghost, linger off or say it was not working. Repeated dating situations like this hurt my feelings a lot and left me anxious and closed off.

After working with Andi, I was able to pick a guy that I would have normally passed over. I am so glad I didn’t.

I now have an amazing man for a boyfriend who bought me flowers for Mother’s Day, fancy movie tickets, Disneyland day passes because he knows I love all those things. He is a giver and which is exactly what I  wanted. Andi’s encouragement and guidance to be more open that I thought I was was really what helped me find him!

You should TOTALLY join her Stalling to Falling in Love Group Program if you do want to stop your bad patterns and find a great guy!


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