When Heidi came to me a year and a half ago she was ready to quit. She was ready to quit her life as a mom of 3 kids, a wife, a friend to many, a school volunteer, etc. Heidi was feeling worn out from trying to make everyone happy, keeping it all together, and trying to do it all right. 

"I had tried so many things: diets, exercise classes, training for races with the hope of fixing myself. It never worked. Now, my knees are working and my heart feels open. Working with Andi taking small steps forward with coaching and yoga has transformed me. I am the new me that is not going to slip back.

What I love about coaching with Andi is that it is more expansive than therapy. She challenges me to create the life I have dreamed about with better connections with friends and family, and also making space to pursue my passions. It was all inside of me, she just showed me how to remove what was stopping me."

Heidi can now be found happily going to yoga with her teenage daughter, spending more time with friends, road tripping across the country with her three kids, creating art, and taking care of herself on a deep level. One of the most profound changes has been a greater connection and more happiness in her marriage. After 18 years, she and her husband are finding new energy to do the things they love. 

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