I made the decision to reconnect with my last guy who triggered me to the core, knowing Andi would be there to talk to and help me decipher the reactions to the triggers. I uncovered a BIG shadow/conditioning from my childhood and understood how it impacted all my relationships. Understanding that my pattern was intermittent intensity was HUGE and now I am having messages from better quality matches.

You should absolutely reach out to Andi.  Andi is knowledgeable, flexible, generous and good at identifying your shadows, your stories and your fears (which are related to stories). I took risks because I knew Andi was there to support me.

When we do not see the results we (think) we want, we need to look inward. However, this is hardest than it sounds, and the only way is to do it with the help who can really see, someone you trust who can guide you. Andi is that kind of coach for me.

Andi Forness