This is Sarah she met her guy online within four men that she was checking out.  I love this girl… has such a bubbly fun spirit with an inner badass running through it.

But for 3 years she was frustrated with online dating (never-ending messaging, ghosting, blah dates); not finding men who were a suitable match; short-term relationships never progressing to long-term committed relationships.

She is now in a committed and loving relationship with a wonderful man. It's the most open and adult relationship she has ever been in.

When we started working together, we realized quickly that she was working blind in the online dating world.

Sarah was swiping away without intention or focus on what she was truly looking for.

After a few sessions together, Sarah became very clear on what she was looking for in a partner and she then learned specific skills to find it. Her online dating process became systematic, confident and FUN!

Sarah figured out what she was looking for and made a tangible "list" so that she could date with intention and focus on what she really wanted to find. Together we reverse engineered her profile to better attract the kind of man she wanted.

And BOOM...her boyfriend is the 4th guy she went on a date with after we starting working together.

Andi Forness