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It had been 19 years since my last first date and I was terrified of making wrong choices when it came to “looking for love” again.

My main concerns were that even though I had done “the work”- Getting rid of bad habits: not being myself, putting guys first and body image issues, the idea of online dating was completely overwhelming. So much so that I had put off signing up for anything for 6 months. I wanted help from someone that understood how the online dating scene worked and could help me look at dating again at 49 in a better light.

Andi has helped me restart my love life! She assisted in selecting the right dating site for me and making sure I had a great profile. One of the first things Andi said to me was “These photos do not capture exactly who you are” and helped me plan & choose better ones. The game changer for me was figuring out what I WANTED instead of being focused on what I didn’t want. Andi helped me focus on the positive which made the prospect of dating not so daunting.

I am a Mom and a business owner and used to doing everything myself. Having a professional like Andi has made all the difference. It was comforting to know that Andi’s support was there when I didn’t know what to do!

PS I am still dating the first guy I met! We are having so much fun and I adore him. 😉


"Andi is a loving and no-nonsense coach. She'll help you cut through the confusion of finding love with her smart and highly effective dating strategies."

- Selena Soo

It doesn’t have to take years, Lee’s guy was the 3rd guy she met online. Lee had a goal to find a boyfriend before her birthday which was 6 months away.

She met this guy within 2 months of working with me, but Lee didn't know he was the one at the time. If left to her own devices, Lee would have thrown him away many many many times, because she couldn't see past her blindspots.

One change that we worked on during her sessions was to her tendency to over analyze and think about everything little thing that happened and to look for the worst possible scenario.

The other piece that was huge for her to shift was practicing how to communicate from the heart instead of being defensive.

And it is working! They just came back from their SECOND vacation together! Yay for LOVE!

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"I reconnected with a guy who triggered me,knowing Andi would be there to talk to and help me decipher the reactions to the big emotions. I uncovered a BIG pattern from my childhood and now understand how it impacted my relationships and now I am having messages from better quality matches."

- Liliana
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