Stalling 2

Falling in ❤️

Successfully use online dating to find your perfect guy…..

Stalling to Falling in Love ( S2F❤️) is will open again Sept 24, 2019!

You got the career. You have friends. You have smarts.

You have looks. You have worked on your issues.

You are ready to be a girlfriend, a wife and maybe a mom 👶🏼

So you have gone on a dating app or two because when you look 👀 around your house, office, yoga studio… there are no great guys to date 🤦🏻‍♀️!

What the hell is going on because the guys that pursue you aren’t your type at all.

The guys you are attracted to leave you feeling needy and cray cray.

Are you wondering now if maybe you are doing something wrong? Why are you still single? Why is online dating so difficult for you?