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But don’t take my word for it!

See what others who have used the Stalling to Falling in ❤️ System have to say!

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Sarah met her guy online within four men that she was talking with. 

For 3 years she was frustrated with online dating (never-ending messaging, ghosting, blah dates); not finding men who were a suitable match; short-term relationships never progressing to long-term committed relationships.

When we started working together, we realized quickly that she was working blind in the online dating world.

Sarah was swiping away without intention or focus on what she was truly looking for.

After a few sessions together, Sarah became very clear on what she was looking for in a partner and she then learned specific skills to find it. Her online dating process became systematic, confident and FUN!

Before working with Andi in the Stalling to Falling Program, I  was in limbo and had been online dating for two years.

I was attracted to guys that were not ready for the kind of relationship that I was desired deep in my heart. Before working with Andi, I would find myself on a lot of first and second dates. Or I with guys that would ghost, linger off or say it was not working. Repeated dating situations like this hurt my feelings a lot and left me anxious and closed off.

After working with Andi, I was able to pick a guy that I would have normally passed over. I am so glad I didn’t. I created a great relationship during the S2F ❤️ program. I got to experience receiving from a man for the first time in a long time which is exactly what I  wanted. Andi’s encouragement and guidance to be more open that I thought I was was really what helped me a guy like him.



Estrella had been doing online dating for more than 14 years and was attracting emotionally unavailable guys and her boyfriend was the FIRST man she met online after working with me.

And that wasn’t as easy as it sounds. Estrella’s old habits and patterns that kept her single for years kept popping up in even in this relationship. However, this time, Estrella had yours truly 🙋🏽‍♀️ to give her timely and an unfiltered perspective so she wouldn’t make the same love sabotaging mistakes that she did in her past.

They have been together for over a year meeting each others families and traveling and now talking about moving in together!



Heather came to work with me after her divorce. Single and with 3 kids she did not know she was going to find love online. We quickly realized that Heather needed to RETRAIN herself about what a relationship actually needed to feel like for her to be happy and fulfilled. She is now married and IN LOVE for the first time feeling cared for on a DEEP SOUL LEVEL and having the time of her life exploring all parts of herself with her husband!



Melinda was online dating but just going through the motions, settling with whatever was out there and finding herself really discouraged and frustrated!

After a coaching together, she went in to dating even more clear with her vision, worked on how to state it confidently so he could hear it, and she practiced asking key questions she never asked before which was a huge game changer in how her relationship played out.

Fast forward a few months and now she is dating her DREAM GUY and feeling so hopeful after being divorced for 9 years.

He is the 3rd guy she met online on her third round of online dating after coaching with me. He asked her to be his girlfriend and he meets her where she is emotionally, spiritually and physically.



Before working with Andi in the Stalling to Falling in Love group program, I was struggling with creating an online profile that attracted available men that I connected with mentally and physically.

Her advice on creating a profile that is personable and attracting is spot on. She had me step outside my comfort zone in dating type.

She helped me learn to relax and enjoy the moment when dating. I stopped interviewing and I allowed myself to date men that weren't my "type". I created a great relationship while in the program.

Andi is a great coach and mentor. She is real and holds you accountable to be real with yourself. She shares her own personal experiences and gives advice that can be applied immediately. The coaching has helped me change my perspective on potential men, build my self confidence and identify boundaries and desires!



It had been 19 years since my last first date and I was terrified of making wrong choices when it came to “looking for love” again.

My main concerns were that even though I had done “the work”- Getting rid of bad habits: not being myself, putting guys first and body image issues, the idea of online dating was completely overwhelming. So much so that I had put off signing up for anything for 6 months. I wanted help from someone that understood how the online dating scene worked and could help me look at dating again at 49 in a better light.

Andi has helped me restart my love life! She assisted in selecting the right dating site for me and making sure I had a great profile. One of the first things Andi said to me was “These photos do not capture exactly who you are” and helped me plan & choose better ones. The game changer for me was figuring out what I WANTED instead of being focused on what I didn’t want. Andi helped me focus on the positive which made the prospect of dating not so daunting.

I am a Mom and a business owner and used to doing everything myself. Having a professional like Andi has made all the difference. It was comforting to know that Andi’s support was there when I didn’t know what to do!

PS I am still dating the first guy I met! We are having so much fun and I adore him.



Before I started the Stalling to Falling in Love program, I had come out of bad relationships and struggled to put myself out there in dating.  I was having a hard time being vulnerable and understanding how to read profiles to find what I was really looking for.

I would go on one date and then quit for two months when it didn't go well. Or I would get too invested in one person when he seemed like a perfect match in my mind.

I didn't know how to read profiles to find what I was looking for, I was too nervous to ask dates important questions, and ended up disappointed all the time. 

If you are truly ready for a relationship but struggle with dating, I can't recommend Andi's program enough. 

During the program, I learned how to manage my own feelings and expectations better, so I didn't want to give up every time I had a bad dating experience.

I described it to my friends as "dating therapy" - it is perfect for someone like me who has fears around relationships and needs help reframing old patterns. 

The group dynamic is so supportive, and Andi really knows how to foster a sense of community. Within 2 months, I met a wonderful guy who is open, honest, and ready for a relationship, and I feel confident saying I was able to accept that in my life because of the support I received from Andi and the group.



Carla never forgot my words when she told me about the guy she was dating before Mr. Berlin., “Get clear on what you are looking for in a guy. What do you want??? If you aren’t clear than you are being unavailable and you are attracting unavailable guys in your life who are unavailable”. Boom. Not what she wanted to hear but after that she knew she had to change something ( including the guy she was dating that made her feel like crap every time she saw him) . 2 months later, she met a guy on her first night in her new city and he is amazing and they are seeing each other a lot! 3 dates in one week which is very new and exciting for her!



Alexis created the best long term relationship in YEARS! Alexis was getting burned out trying to play the numbers game of going out with a ton of guys regardless of her level of interest/attraction to them, just in case they ended up being the one.

After working together in a session or two, she felt a lot more clear about what she specifically wanted in the dating process and then became more confident and then even more trusting of herself that she could make good decisions in regards to men

She began to see dating as an personal development opportunity instead of something uncomfortable to dread or “ have to do” to find love.



It doesn’t have to take years, Lee’s guy was the third guy she met online.

Lee had a goal to find a boyfriend before her birthday which was 6 months away.  She met this guy within 2 months of working with me, but Lee didn't know he was the one at the time.

If left to her own devices, Lee would have thrown him away many many many times, because she couldn't see past her blindspots.  

One change that we worked on during her sessions was to her tendency to over analyze and think about everything little thing that happened and to look for the worst possible scenario. 

The other piece that was huge for her to shift was practicing how to communicate from the heart instead of being defensive.

And it is working!

 They just came back from their SECOND vacation together! Yay for LOVE!

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Before working with Andi in the Stalling to Falling in Love program, I was wasting my precious free time looking through boring profiles, messaging guys that never asked me out and going on dates that were never going to go further than date 1 or 2. 

If I did find someone I was attracted to, I would rush into a relationship without doing my homework and it would end within a few months. Working with Andi on a weekly basis helped me to slow down and make sure I was picking guys based on common values. 

Her S2F the process of online dating made finding love super-efficient for me as a single mom of 3 kids and a busy professional, I needed dating to be frustration-free. I am now in a committed relationship with a great guy that is super calm, very ambitious and a great partner.



Dana was single for 6 years and online dating like it was her job for the past 2 years.  After working together in a 1 hour VIP session, Dana realized that she was really selling herself short and settling for crumbs. Together we worked on what to focus on and what she deserved in a relationship and BOOM! She met an amazing guy that she MIGHT have swiped left on  and yet he is everything she has wanted and more and makes her feel so loved and cared for! 



Before working with Andi in the Stalling to Falling in ❤️ Starter Series, I was struggling with how to online date after my divorce since I had not dated in decades.  

I wanted to learn to date with intention so I could find guys that matched up with me as well as avoid falling back into my old patterns of hiding myself with men. I wanted to go have fun instead of sitting home alone. 

After working with Andi, I was much more clear than I originally was ( she pulls it out of you when you are hemming and hawing around ) on what I am looking for in a man to spend time with and what I was available for in a relationship. I am now dating a few guys and getting to know them ( and myself as well ) and having a fun time.

Andi even taught me what to do when a guy was not acting interested in me how to handle it in a direct and fun way so that I could make conscious choices and not a bunch of assumptions and have more choices! 

Andi sees the big picture and long term results I was looking and ready for. She also unpacks the hidden gems I could not see that kept me blocked as well as challenged me when ready from a loving place.

I would say in many respects she is very clear herself and able to hold space for me while I waffled around sometimes and needed a nudge.


Mary Lynn

Before coaching with Andi I was fearful of making the wrong decision. I was so fearful that I have not been in a relationship in 3 years. She helped me to be positive and to accept men in my life. I am attracting good men and trusting myself when they are anything less or I'm just not interested. I pay attention to how I feel now.

I was able to practice trust with Andi and be so completely honest and open that  even my biggest fears could come out and be dealt with.

Andi rocks. She's so sweet and trustworthy and yet so wise and clear. She will tell you what you need and not what you want to hear so be ready to do real work.

Andi is like a light into your mind and the shadows that have hidden your best life. Her light is the love of her heart and she will lead you back to your own light.



“What I love about coaching with Andi is that it is more expansive than therapy. She challenges me to create the life I have dreamed about with better connections with friends and family, and also making space to pursue my passions. It was all inside of me, she just showed me how to remove what was stopping me."



Before attending 3 Secrets to Swiping on Mr. Right, I was not as open as I thought I was. I decided to give a guy that I would have normally not a chance because I didn't think he was my type. We ended up talking for 4 hours on our first date and talking every day. On the second date, he had flowers and had my favorite group playing on the radio when I got in the car . We are still seeing each other. We have so much in common. He is funny which I have never really dated a guy like him. He is so sweet. And I am really glad I met him! Because of your webinars and group phone call. I really, really learned how to read profiles to find a great guy!



I made the decision to reconnect with my last guy who triggered me to the core, knowing Andi would be there to talk to and help me decipher the reactions to the triggers. I uncovered a BIG shadow/conditioning from my childhood and understood how it impacted all my relationships. Understanding that my pattern was intermittent intensity was HUGE and now I am having messages from better quality matches.

You should absolutely reach out to Andi.  Andi is knowledgeable, flexible, generous and good at identifying your shadows, your stories and your fears (which are related to stories). I took risks because I knew Andi was there to support me.

When we do not see the results we (think) we want, we need to look inward. However, this is hardest than it sounds, and the only way is to do it with the help who can really see, someone you trust who can guide you. Andi is that kind of coach for me.

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Before working with Andi, I was ready to throw in the towel on love.

I did not believe that quality men existed in the dating world. I felt I would get hurt again. 

After working with Andi in the Stalling to Falling in Love Group, I felt a shift in that belief and felt hope again for the first time I could find a quality guy.

Andi taught us best practices in getting clear on the relationship-ready guys and avoiding the unavailable guys, which made online dating easier.

I learned how to date the correct way instead of just looking.

Andi’s coaching also taught me how to open my heart and how to believe kind guys still exist in the world.

During the program,  I met and went on dates with some wonderful men I may not have even given a chance before. Regardless if I end up or do not end up in love with either of these men, I know for sure; I know quality men still exist today and know how to date to find them!

I know you don’t often talk about your dating life because it can be embarrassing but in our community all the walls come down. In our community, women can finally talk about online dating openly so you can finally get the support you need to finally, find your guy online!

Don’t skip over the great guy….

online dating coach
online dating coach
online dating coach
online dating coach

Feel less cray cray and more confident…..

online dating coach
online dating coach

Meet available guys you are attracted to….

online dating coach
online dating coach

Benefits of a group program…

online dating coach