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Andi Forness

Stalling to Falling in Love ( S2F❤️) is now closed until September 2019!

OMG, Chica. I so get it!

You got the career. You have friends. You have smarts. You have looks. You have worked on your issues.
You are a catch and are ready to fall in love.

So maybe you have gone on a dating website because you have heard so many great online dating love stories started there….


But what the hell you are doing wrong? Because all you get are OK guys that you have zero chemistry with and making you feel like THIS IS SO STUPID and a waste of time.


And you find TONS of chemistry with Mr. Unavailable guy that leaves you hanging, feeling crazy, insecure and needy AF? Seriously what the heck is going on here?


Are you wondering now if maybe you might be the problem? Like why are you still single? Seriously, you’re smart, have tons of friends, successful but why is online dating so difficult for you?

First off big hugs and I hear ya.

Online dating can be a annoying and sucky experience when you keep picking the wrong guys.


I was so there and I know how you feel.

I went online dating after my divorce and spent 5 years:

  • wasting my free time on over 200 first dates 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • responding to boring messages that said only “ What’’s up?”🤦🏽‍♀️

  • giving men I was not attracted to a chance only to say “Nah” a month later ✋🏽

  • feeling INSANE chemistry with the unavailable guy and thinking he was THE ONE ( and have it end in crazy 🔥)


One day, I swiped left on a crotch shot from a 25-year-old, a bootie call offering ON THE FREAKIN lunch date with weird guy I was giving a chance and a night date where he paid for $40 for his dinner and wine and asked the waiter to bring me my own check for my $12 glass of wine!

Really A hole? WTF.

I was so frustrated to know so little from a pic and 120 characters on Bumble,  I would give everyone a chance thinking it's a numbers game but I was soooo disappointed meeting them and it was crushing my hopes and making me switch from a glass of wine to straight tequila so I could even deal with the dates.

I would know within 5 minutes of meeting that it wasn’t going anywhere and would suck it up listening to him talk about boring BS that I wasn’t interested in. 🤦🏻‍♀️


And then I met Carlos…


Because I felt so much CHEMISTRY at first with Carols that I would be like I would be “OMG THIS IS THE ONE”!

I would lose myself, try to bend over backward to make him like me and jump quickly into a  sexual relationship.

And then the weirdness would happen every single time….

Carlos would stop texting me and I would start freaking out.

He would stop making consistent plans with me and it would make me feel super insecure.

Has that happened to you, too?


Instead of Carlos starting the day with “ Good morning beautiful”  like he did at the beginning, I was the one reaching out, double texting and triple texting just trying to get him to respond and wondering WTF was going on.

He was making fewer efforts, less organized date night plan plans and instead he would now ask me to drive over to his house.

And like a teenager, I  was like “Hell Yes” even though it was late notice and I didn’t want to move from my couch and was clearly a bootie call.

One night after 3 months on our date to the yet another club ( when I had to be up early to go to work the next day 🤷🏻‍♀️) , Carlos went to get drinks and I thought WTF.


I am a total badass and yet this is SO not me.


Why I am with this guy who doesn’t even care what I want and why am I letting him get away with it?

 I did not want to be the women who anxiously waits for his texts and for him to make plans with me and then agreeing to plans that I did not even like.

Why could I not figure out why I was accepting this behavior when I knew that this was not acceptable?

How did the relationship with Carlos and then John, Frankie, Rick, Dave, Mike, Ashad,  etc end?

I am sure you know.

After a few months,  I would explode or
peace out and move on to the next guy.

And it was exhausting.

And it hurt my heart.

And I couldn’t get past the feeling of wasting 3 months of my life doing things I did not want, not feeling supported, not feeling loved and maybe missing SOMEONE SO MUCH BETTER!

I kept thinking there MUST be something terribly wrong with me because I could not get over that sabotaging pattern of attracting the UNAVAILABLE GUY. 🕺🏻


One night, I was crying I was 46 on my sofa, single, tired of endless bullshit messaging that do not lead anywhere with OK guys and I decided to go inside and look at myself and see what I was doing to sabotage myself.

Suddenly I realized I did not have a step by step strategy.

I was acting like an amateur as I threw spaghetti on the wall and hoping it would stick.

The ONLY tool I was using to pick who I fell in love with was “CHEMISTRY”.

Clearly that was not leading me down the right path with the right guy.

The guys I had chemistry with were always unavailable and

the guys that wanted to date me:

  • I wasn’t attracted to 👎🏽

  • I thought were too feminine 😬

  • I didn’t feel ANYTHING ✋🏽

  • I was couldn’t get excited and it was so freakin’ boring 🤦🏻‍♀️


I needed to learn to create chemistry with the good guys!



Of course it didn’t happen overnight .

  • I had to create a vision of my man that was not based on what I thought I wanted rather something deeper that I couldn’t see.

  • I had to learn how to not discard the good guys and how to create soulful and lasting attraction with them.

  • I had to let go of the belief that I would KNOW THE ONE when I met him EVEN IF I was really intuitive about other things.

  • I had to quickly identify the UNAVAILABLE GUYS and not let them distract me and take me off my path


I want to share with you a plan so that you can stop falling for the guys the unavailable guys and open your heart to the guy that is going to love and treat you like the amazing woman you are!


Stalling to Falling in Love 6 Step Plan



Discover an organized step-by step plan to navigate the online-dating world so you can stop wasting your time on messages and dates that never lead anywhere.


Create an online profile that highlights the REAL you to repel the wrong ones and magnetize the right guy 🕺🏻


Learn 3 secrets to looking at men’s profiles the right way so you can finally find your guy online.


Recognize the top 10 false attracting clues of the UNAVAILABLE GUY ❌ so you don’t get sucked in and waste months or years of your life.


Quickly make Mr. Good into Mr. Hot and Sexy 🕺🏻even if you did not feel it on the first few dates 🔥


Ask for what you want by telling your guy in an upbeat, positive and empowering 💪🏽way by using my 3 Part Get Your Needs Met Formula.

But don’t take my word for it!

See what others who have used this system have to say!



Estrella had been doing online dating for more than 14 years and was attracting emotionally unavailable guys and her boyfriend was the FIRST man she met online after working with me.

Before we even signed up to work together, we agreed that she needed to pick a different kind of guy if she wanted to build the long-term committed relationship she wanted. Estrella wants to get married again.

And that wasn’t as easy as it sounds. Estrella’s old habits and patterns that kept her single for years kept popping up in even in this relationship. However, this time, Estrella had yours truly 🙋🏽‍♀️ to give her timely and an unfiltered perspective so she wouldn’t make the same love sabotaging mistakes that she did in her past.

He bought her a night table and put it on her side of the bed with her personal stuff at his house and they planning out of town trips and holidays together. 




Melinda was online dating but just going through the motions, settling with whatever was out there and finding herself really discouraged and frustrated!

After a coaching together, she went in to dating even more clear with her vision, worked on how to state it confidently so he could hear it, and she practiced asking key questions she never asked before which was a huge game changer in how her relationship played out.

Fast forward a few months and now she is dating her DREAM GUY and feeling so hopeful after being divorced for 9 years.

He is the 3rd guy she met online on her third round of online dating after coaching with me. He asked her to be his girlfriend and he meets her where she is emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Melinda has a BIG say now in how the relationship goes that she NEVER had before. BOOM!



This is Sarah she met her boyfriend online within 4 men that she was checking out after starting to work with me.

But for 3 years she was frustrated with online dating (never-ending messaging, ghosting, blah dates); not finding men who were a suitable match; short-term relationships never progressing to long-term committed relationships.

She is now in a committed and loving relationship with a wonderful man. It's the most open and adult relationship she has ever been in.

When we started working together, we realized quickly that she was working blind in the online dating world.

Sarah was swiping away without intention or focus on what she was truly looking for.

After a few sessions together, Sarah became very clear on what she was looking for in a partner and she then learned specific skills to find it. Her online dating process became systematic, confident and FUN!

Sarah figured out what she was looking for and made a tangible "list" so that she could date with intention and focus on what she really wanted to find. Together we reverse engineered her profile to better attract the kind of man she wanted.

And BOOM...her boyfriend is the 4th guy she went on a date with after we starting working together.



Heather came to work with me after her divorce. Single and with 3 kids she did not know she was going to find love online. We quickly realized that Heather needed to RETRAIN herself about what a relationship actually needed to feel like for her to be happy and fulfilled. She is now married and IN LOVE for the first time feeling cared for on a DEEP SOUL LEVEL and having the time of her life exploring all parts of herself with her husband!



Alexis created the best long term relationship in YEARS! Alexis was getting burned out trying to play the numbers game of going out with a ton of guys regardless of her level of interest/attraction to them, just in case they ended up being the one.

After working together in a session or two, she felt a lot more clear about what she specifically wanted in the dating process and then became more confident and then even more trusting of herself that she could make good decisions in regards to men

She began to see dating as an personal development opportunity instead of something uncomfortable to dread or “ have to do” to find love.



 Helping others find love isn’t just my passion, it’s my


Estrella give him a chance testiomonial .png
Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 1.32.40 PM.png

So, what are you waiting for?

Quit wasting your time playing the numbers game and get on the path towards discovering your soulmate!