Online Dating Simplified Strategy Session : 3 hour Intensive

Online Dating Simplified Strategy Session : 3 hour Intensive


Are you tired of feeling that you are stuck in the profiles and messaging stages of online dating with guys that keep disappearing?

instead of being in the relationship with your Mr. Right that is deeply connected, fun and emotionally fulfilling?

Would you like to fast track to a relationship this year? If so, I have a 3 hour (2 - 90 minute blocks) Online Dating Simplified Strategy Session for you: 

  • Learn the #1 way you need to be “thinking”  about the type of guy you want to attract and be your life partner instead of checklists and over analyzing

  • Learn the top tactics to create an online  dating profile that stand outs from the others so your Mr. Right can find you quickly and effortlessly

  • Discover the #1 secret to captivating Mr. Right online dating and repelling Mr. Wrongs for good

  • How to preselect men while looking at profiles and in the “Chat Phase” to set up your in person date to be fun, connected, exciting and not awkward at all!

  • A system to know exactly what you should be doing so you can actually make it to dates you are excited about with guys ready for a relationship

  • Create your own Convos That Lead To Great Dates and Great Relationships

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