Finally, Find Your Guy Online Mini Course

Finally, Find Your Guy Online Mini Course


Finally, Find Your Guy Online Mini- Course  Gives you step by step how to get started online dating even if you’ve been single for years and have no idea what to do.

90% of people that are single online , fail at picking the wrong guy.

If you learn my #1 hack on what to focus on, you’ll have a massive advantage when it comes to attracting your dream guy.

PLUS 7 other mini lessons that will set you up for the S#&% Show that Online Dating can be if you don’t know what you are doing!

Which means you will be in the perfect position to find love this year

  • Lesson 1: My Story: How I went from divorced to Mr. Available (and what I learned in between) 

  • Lesson 2: Pick the best Dating app for You

  • Lesson 3: #1 Attracting hack to finally find the one who matches you on ALL levels ( 90% of people mess this part up )

  • Lesson 4: Discover what Chana is missing in her profile

  • Lesson 5: Dana's Profile Makeover

  • Lesson 6: Why you shouldn't ask friends or family for advice and what you need to do instead

  • Lesson 7: Meeting People Offline

  • Lesson 8: Putting it All Together So You Can Finally FInd the Love of Your Life

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