1 Hour VIP Strategy Session

1 Hour VIP Strategy Session


Are you tired of feeling annoyed that with online dating and feel you will never meet your guy?

Are you stuck endlessly looking at profiles, messaging guys and giving up your precious free time for no chemistry dates instead of being in the position to meet the love of your life?

Would you like to fast track to a relationship this year?

If so,

I have a 1 Hour VIP Strategy Session for you: 

  • Learn the #1 way you need to be “thinking”  about the type of guy you want to pick to be your life partner instead of checklists and over analyzing

  • Create an online dating profile that stands out from the others so your Mr. Right can find you quickly and effortlessly

  • A system to know exactly what you should be doing so you can actually make it to date that you are excited about so you can meet a guy ready for a relationship

  • How to preselect men while looking at profiles and in the “Chat Phase” to set up your in person date to be fun, connected, exciting and not awkward at all!

Melinda was online dating but just going through the motions, settling with whatever was out there and finding herself really discouraged and frustrated!

After a VIP session, she went in to dating even more clear with her vision, worked on how to state it confidently so he could hear it, and she practiced asking key questions she never asked before which was a huge game changer in how her relationship played out.

Fast forward a few months and now she is dating her DREAM GUY and feeling so hopeful after being divorced for 9 years.

He is the 3rd guy she met online on her third round of online dating. He asked her to be his girlfriend and he meets her where she is emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Melinda has a BIG say now in how the relationship goes that she NEVER had before. BOOM!

Dana was single for 6 years and online dating like it was her job for the past 2 years. After working together in a VIP session, Dana realized that she was really selling herself short and settling for crumbs. Together we worked on what to focus on and what she deserved in a relationship and BOOM!

She met an amazing guy that she MIGHT have swiped left on and yet he is everything she has wanted and more and makes her feel so loved and cared for!

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