Before working with Andi, I felt dating wasn’t getting me anywhere closer to my ideal man, no matter how hard I tried. I read lots of books on the topic but nothing seemed to help me. I was losing hope and feeling that I would NEVER find a great relationship.

After working with Andi I feel EMPOWERED to go for what I want in a relationship and that I can actually get it! I also felt CONFIDENT in myself on dates and more TRUSTING that I can make a good decision for myself in regards to men.

I got good at and comfortable with dating and I FOUND AN AMAZING RELATIONSHIP AFTER WORKING WITH ANDI. It is filled with love, laughter, and respect. I didn’t have to settle and it surpasses what I even thought was possible for myself. I feel I can truly be myself with him and I KNOW this is from Andi’s coaching. I’m so grateful.